Claromentis 8 is Now Available

9 September 2016

Claromentis 8 is now available to all our customers. Discover what new features are included, and how you can upgrade.

We are moving SaaS intranets from Rackspace to Google

26 July 2016

By the end of 2016, we are moving all of our cloud hosted intranets from Rackspace to Google. Read on to discover what this means for you - and how you will benefit from the move.

Weather Component Update: The Outlook is Brighter!

12 April 2016

The latest version of the Weather Component is now available, fixing the issue communicated here.

What's up with the weather?

31 March 2016

If you have the Weather Component on your intranet homepage, you might have noticed that it has stopped working. This is due to the changes that Yahoo Weather - which is our weathe…

Claromentis Releases in January 2016

29 February 2016

The start of 2016 was an exciting and busy time for us at Claromentis! January saw the release of new features in both our Intranet and Business Process Management platforms, which…

Claromentis Drop in Session – 4th of December

1 December 2015

Our drop-in sessions shall be continuing this Friday with an in-depth look into our Publish application.

Learning 2.0

1 December 2015

Learning 2.0 is due for release w/c 7th December 2015. The code has been refactored, to allow for better integration with other modules and a lot of outstanding bugs have been fixe…

Claromentis Drop in Session – 27th of November

23 November 2015

We shall be continuing our drop in sessions with a demonstration of Idea Spaces, Knowledge Base and Innovate. 

Discover Goes Public...

31 July 2015

We are delighted to announce that Discover is now publicly available. Please read on...