Use of Chrome 102 causes an issue in Claromentis Documents

1 June 2022

An issue has arisen between Chrome 102 and Claromentis Documents

We're Stopping Phone Support to Enable Our Teams to Give Customers the Best Service

1 June 2022

We've decided to turn off our phone support service, so that our teams can provide better and more tailored support to customers. Read on to find out more.

New eLearning course - Policy Manager

6 May 2022

We have just launched the Policy Manager Application eLearning course, covering its initial administrative configuration, creation of content and management over time.

Using Publish? You Need To Migrate to Pages!

4 May 2022

Claromentis version 9 is due for release and Publish will be deprecated from this version onwards. This means any existing Publish content you wish to keep needs to be re-created i…

We're extending active support for Claromentis version 8.13

28 April 2022

´╗┐Long term support for the Claromentis 8.13 platform will continue until November 2023, with security support until November 2024.

What's new in Claromentis v8.13

23 February 2022

Discover what is new in the latest version of Claromentis!