We're extending active support for Claromentis version 8.13

Public News | 28 April 2022 by Hannah Door support, 9, 8.13


´╗┐Long term support for the Claromentis 8.13 platform will continue until November 2023, with security support until November 2024.

In order to help our clients transition to the upcoming Claromentis 9 platform, we are extending active support for version 8.13 until November 2023.

This is 2 years of active support in total, rather than our standard 1 year discontinuation policy. 

Active support for 8.13 means that we will release bugfix and maintenance updates until November 2023, after which we'll provide security updates for critical issues until November 2024. 


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To upgrade to the latest version of Claromentis 8.x, please submit an Upgrade Request and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date. 

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Getting ready for Claromentis 9

To prepare your intranet for a future upgrade to version 9, when it is available later in the year, please take a moment to review the below help guides.

These are especially important if you still use Publish, as this application will be deprecated in Claromentis 9.

⚠️ All Publish content is required to be recreated in the Pages application ahead of any upgrade to 9 otherwise the content will be lost.


Publish FAQ

New Polls & Surveys, Announcements, and Embed apps

Internet Explorer Support Deprecation FAQ





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