Claromentis v9: Legacy and Deprecated elements

We’re retiring some of our legacy apps and replacing them with new and improved versions in the next major release of our software, Claromentis 9.

Some of the legacy options have already been advertising this in their applications since v8.9, but not all, so here is what you need to know ahead of an upgrade to v9:


Pages will replace Publish

The old way of creating web pages in Claromentis will be removed and all content creation in v9 will take place in Pages.

Pages was introduced in v8.2+ so if you were with us before this version you were likely using Publish.

It's crucial to ensure any Publish content you wish to retain has been re-created in pages before you upgrade to v9 otherwise it will be lost.

More information on how to carry this out

(If your site has never used Publish or you joined us after 2018 there is no action to take as you will have only ever used Pages)


Announcements will replace News Announcements

Our new Announcements application was released together with Claromentis Seven Sisters (version 8.9) and allows you to push important or urgent updates to your staff quickly and easily.

This will fully replace the old announcements that were configured from Admin > News, so check there on your site for any messages you want to retrieve and store elsewhere ahead of an upgrade to v9.

To find out more about our new Announcements app, watch our webinar.



Polls & Surveys will replace Surveys

Our new Polls & Surveys application received many new features and improvements, including anonymous tracking and the ability to take the poll or survey multiple times.

This will fully replace the old Surveys application in Claromentis 9, so make sure to check Survey (legacy) on your site so you can export its data if required.

We’ve put together a detailed guide on Polls & Surveys which you can read on Discover.



Embed Component will replace Social Feed

Additionally, our legacy Social Feed component will no longer be available in Claromentis 9 - there is nothing to check to retain if you never used this component.

We encourage you to use the new and improved Embed component instead, and you can read our guides on how to embed Facebook and Twitter feeds on Discover.

The Embed component can also be used to embed Instagram posts, something that was not possible with Social Feed.

As this component simply pulls through information from an original source, nothing is lost from its removal, instead, pull through the data using our newer components as outlined above.


Buttons will replace Fast Access Buttons

Buttons is a new and improved iteration of Fast access that offers a whole host of new design options and functionality.

Ensure any fast access sets you wish to retain have been re-created in Buttons for use on your Pages ahead of any upgrade to v9.

Check for these in Admin > Slider and recreate each fast access in Buttons or using other applications as you see fit.

(The Homepage Slider will be retained as we recently improved its functionality as well, only fast access buttons will be removed)

How to create Buttons


The Chat application will be deprecated

This includes the use of a Rocket Chat integration if this was in use on your site.

Other applications facilitate communication within Claromentis e.g. in system messenger, email notifications, Discuss, and Forum.

If you have an alternative chat option you wish to use, submit a support ticket for us to advise further.


Internet Explorer will not work with Claromentis v9

From October 2020 Microsoft is discontinuing mainstream support and security updates for Internet Explorer 11.

We've made this decision in order to improve the security and reliability of our product and help us to design and develop the best possible intranet software for our customers.

More information

Recommended browsers



Why are we making these changes?

For a period of time, both the legacy and new versions of these apps are available simultaneously in Claromentis 8 to give our customers time to adjust and move over any data.

Starting from Claromentis 9 - the next major version of our software - all legacy versions will be removed. This will allow us to better align our resources to improve product features, performance, and security for our customers.


Will these apps still be supported?

The older versions of these apps will continue to be available in Claromentis 8. We’re committed to supporting Claromentis 8 for two years after its last feature release.

This means that legacy versions of Publish, News Announcements, Surveys, Social Feed and fast access buttons will be supported in Claromentis 8 until at least May 2024. This will include security updates. 

If you are concerned about this or would like to ask any questions, please open a Support Ticket and our team will be happy to help.


Last modified on 1 February 2024 by Hannah Door
Created on 20 January 2021 by Ivan Bandura

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