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What are Buttons?

Buttons are clickable icons that take the user to an external link - these are useful for giving users quick access to sites they use regularly. For example, HR sites, the company website or training tools.

Creating buttons

As an administrator, there are two ways to create buttons:

1.1 - Creating buttons in the Buttons application

1.2 - Creating buttons straight on the page



1.1 - Creating buttons in the Buttons application

Navigate to Applications > Buttons to see those existing.

Select  a drop-down option box will appear with the following fields:

  • Title: The name of the Button
  • URL: The address the Button will open when clicked
  • Tooltip: If this is selected, the option to give more information about this Button and its purpose can be entered. This will appear in a tooltip when the user hovers over the Button
  • Icon: The image of the Button (you can choose to use a pre-existing icon or an image)
  • Icon & Title: Colours used for these parts of the Button
  • Tag: Relevant tags so it's searchable within the Button application
  • Permissions: Users who can see this Button



1.2 - Creating Buttons on a Page

Go to the page you wish to add a new Button to and click the pencil icon in the bottom-left corner of the page to go into edit mode.

Add a new Button component:


You will see the following options, the 'add new' section is where a new Button can be created:

Title: This refers to the title of the overall component. (For a clean look do not use a Title, only the Buttons themselves will appear)

Add the title, URL and image for the new Button.

Click 'Add new button' to save.

It will appear as selectable in the component and be listed in the Buttons application.



Adding Buttons to a page

In the Buttons component, all those in existence will be listed.

Check as many or as few as you would like to add to your Page.

Button style: You can choose how the buttons will look on your page -

  • Image and text
  • Only image (reduced) and no text
  • Only image (enlarged) and no text
  • No image and only text 


Click 'submit' in the component to see the chosen Buttons appear:


Resizing Button sets and deciding how many to show per set

Optimise your Button sets per Page for the best overall look.

Resize the component to get the best fit for the Buttons chosen to display in a set:


An alternative is to add Buttons to a Page individually (one per component) as you can then have these in separate locations, rather than as a set.


Play around with different formats and Page layouts to find the best look for your content and optimise user experience.



Viewing experience

If multiple buttons are placed on a page and a user only has permission to view some of these, only those they have permission for will display and others will be hidden.

In this way, differing permissions across the Buttons chosen to show orchestrates varied views across users.

Ensure that the users who can see the Button also have permission to view the content in its destination (if internal) otherwise they will encounter an error.


Please note - If a user has no permission to any button showing in a set, they will see a white box instead.

To avoid this, consider placing the Button elsewhere (where the groups using it will be accessing) or give the information in a different format so that all users can view it without permissions having an effect e.g. In an Announcement, as a menu item, a bulk notification, News article etc


Created on 2 July 2019 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 7 May 2024

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