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Getting Started

Using the embed component for Pages you can display an Instagram post from your account.

(A whole feed cannot be displayed as Instagram policy does not allow this; to get multiple posts on an Intranet page you will need to use multiple embed components)

Please note: The account must be public in order to display the image in the component. If the account is private only a link to Instagram will display. When followed it will ask you to log in.


Steps to follow:

  • Navigate to the URL of the Instagram post you wish to embed on your page. 
    • Click on "More" (3 small dots on bottom right hand side of the post) as shown in Image 1.

Image 1 - The "More" button is highlighted on the bottom right of the post.


  • A pop up list will appear as shown in Image 2.
    • Select "Embed" from this.

Image 2 - "More" menu pop up with various options


  • As shown in Image 3, another pop up will appear with the code you need.
    • Copy this code and navigate to the page on your Claromentis site you wish to display it on.
    • You can deselect the "Include caption" check box if you dont wish for the post's caption to be seen on your page once embedded.

Image 3 - Copy the code in one go with the blue button, rather than highlighting it all yourself.


  • Click on the pencil icon to begin editing your page.
  • The options on your screen should be similar to that of Image 4.
  • Click in any empty space on the page and choose the "Embed" icon from the pop up list of Applications.
    • You can resize the tile to make the post bigger, smaller or fit on your page around other content.

Image 4 - Selecting the Embed component on a page


  • The configuration options for the component will now appear as shown in Image 5.
  • If you have resized the tile and the menu has gone, click on the cog icon to bring it up again.
    • Enter a Title if you would like to and make sure the "type" selected is Code".
    • Next paste the link you copied from Instagram into the text box below.
    • Then hit "submit"

Image 5 - Paste the copied code from Instagram into the box


  • Your chosen post should now be displayed on the page, like in Image 6.
    • Clicking on the post will take the user to the Instagram account in a new window.

Image 6 - The original post shown in Image 1 is now displayed in Claromentis

Created on 26 February 2019 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 1 December 2023

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