How to embed Facebook Feed into Pages


How to embed your Facebook page timeline using Embed Component on Pages (available from Claromentis 8.2).

Step 1

Go to

Facebook Page Plugin

Please note that you can only embed feed from Facebook Pages, such as company or organisation pages on Facebook and not your personal feed.

Step 2

Enter the Facebook Page URL you wish to embed, see example below.

Width: 280 if you wish to fit the embed into a single column.



What if I can't see the preview?

Please make sure the Page doesn't have any restriction at all. For example age or location restriction.

On Facebook Page, navigate to Settings and check the restriction as shown below

After removing your page restriction, please retry to re-enter the URL in the plug-in and you should now be able to see the preview and generate code.



Step 3

Click "Get the code"

Choose IFrame Tab and select App ID, if you don't have App ID you may have to Create an App ID first with your Facebook Account.


Step 4

Copy the code and paste it on your page by selecting Embed Component

Facebook Feed successfuly embeded:





Created on 14 August 2017 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 26 July 2019

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