Polls & Surveys

The admin side & permissions 


This is a great place to start to ensure you and the team have all the necessary permissions to get started using this application fully. 

  • View all results: This enables the users to view the results for every existing poll and survey.
  • Manage and take own polls & surveys: This enables the user to create, edit, delete, and view results for and take any polls or surveys they create. 
  • Manage and take all polls & surveys: This enables the user to create, edit, delete, and view results for all polls and surveys.

Reminder: Permissions to take polls and surveys is given in the individual polls and surveys.




Navigate to Applications > Polls & Survey.

You will see a summary of the existing polls and surveys as well as a handy filter on the left.


Click the + Add new button and you will see the following.


Here are the general options for your Poll Info.


Please also ensure you have a look at the Settings for more configuration options.

  • Duration and tracking: How long should this survey run for?
  • Anonymous: Do you want other users to see who else has voted and what they have voted for?
  • Allow multiple submissions: Should the users be able to submit their responses more than once?
  • Permissions: Who do you want to take the poll and who do you want to be able to manage it?
  • Results: Would you like these to be shown immediately when the poll has ended or not at all?
  • Message to show on completion: Fill this in with any other information that might be helpful for the team to know. 


Here is how the poll will look when it is live and completed.



A list of the Surveys & Polls can be added to a page using the Polls & Survey List component.


Additionally, the Poll can be embedded onto the page like so using the Polls component. When completed, the users will see a real-time view of the results.




Navigate to Applications > Polls & Survey.

When creating a survey, you can enter the Survey Info - Survey title, and an optional description. You can also upload a thumbnail image.


In Sections & Questions, you can add each of your questions, the options are as follows.

  • Type: Does the question best suit the user being able to select one answer, several answers or enter free text.
  • Options layout: Do you want the choices to be next to each other or below one another as shown here:


Once you've finished adding all of your sections and questions you can review them.

Please note: Clicking and dragging on the two lines, shown by the red arrow, allows you to move and re-arrange the questions and sections quickly and easily.


Once you're happy with the question structure, you can navigate to Settings to find the following options.


Once the survey is completed, you can view the summary of the results:

Please note: Editing a live Poll or Survey will automatically change it to Draft status meaning users will not be able to interact with it. Admins will be required to manually change the status back to Live.


Created on 10 August 2020 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 6 December 2023

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