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Claromentis version 9 is due for release and Publish will be deprecated from this version onwards. This means any existing Publish content you wish to keep needs to be re-created in the Pages application. Any Publish content not recreated will be lost when the site upgrades to Claromentis version 9.


Depending on when you started using Claromentis and the site version you began on, this notice may not apply to you.

⚠️  If your site has the Publish application still available, please read on and take necessary action.

If your site has never used Publish or you have already migrated your content to Pages, no further action is required.


Publish will be deprecated in Claromentis version 9

Publish was our web page creation tool for older versions of Claromentis, and was replaced as the primary content management system in version 8.1+ by Pages, our robust and intuitive drag & drop page builder.

At this point, content creation will have begun in Pages and continued over time, with older content still available in Publish if required.

This means some intranet sites may have Publish content still in use alongside those created in Pages, which will now be affected by the changes introduced in Claromentis 9.

Claromentis version 9 is due for release later this year, and Publish will be deprecated from this point on - it is imperative for any existing Publish content to be re-created in Pages, otherwise, they will be deleted (and not retrievable) once a site upgrades to version 9.

Check out our FAQ for more information


Next steps – create new Pages to emulate those in Publish

To get ready for upgrading to Claromentis 9, you will need to recreate your existing Publish content in Pages. This process is completely manual, and your team will need to create new pages that emulate your existing Publish content using the Pages drag & drop features.

You'll notice that the new pages will look slightly different. This is because Pages use components whereas Publish used custom CSS.

To best prioritise and direct your efforts, we recommend that you internally check over your existing Publish pages to determine which need to be recreated, and which could potentially be deleted if no longer needed.

As detailed in the FAQs, the Claromentis team can help recreate the content for you. If you have internal teams with permissions to both Publish and Pages, you can get started on recreating content straight away.

The end goal is to ensure every Publish element you wish to keep has been represented in Pages instead, at which point your site can be upgraded to Claromentis version 9 (and all Publish data will be removed).

We've created some handy Pages guides that will help your team recreate content, check them out below:

Pages eLearning Course

Creating Pages guide

Understanding Page permissions guide



What if I'm not ready to upgrade to Claromentis 9 yet?

We’re committed to supporting Claromentis 8 – which includes Publish – for two years after its release. The last feature version of Claromentis 8 was released in 2021, meaning that Publish will be supported until at least 2023. This will include security updates.

We recommend starting the re-creation of your Publish content ASAP to prepare your site for an eventual move to Claromentis 9 in the future and avoid any disruption of support to your system or unexpected data loss


Other content that needs your teams attention ahead of a move to v9


Have any questions?

If you have any questions about migrating Publish content to Pages to prepare for Claromentis 9, please submit a support ticket and our team will be happy to help :)

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