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  1. What is a page
  2. Assigning permissions 
    • Ability to create and manage all sites and assign permissions for others to do so
    • Ability manage/edit sites and assign viewing permissions
    • Ability to view the site  


1 - What is a page

Pages or sites, as they are also called, are separate customisable landing pages in the intranet. They can be used for different departments or for other important areas of the site such as 'Learning' or 'Projects' enabling the relevant information to be organised in each.


2- Assigning permissions 

There are three tiers of approval for pages.

The first tier, is: 

- Ability to create and manage all sites and assign permissions for others to do so

Usually this only contains a select few users to ensure pages are succinct and necessary and site creation doesn't get out of hand. 

Navigate to Applications > Admin > System > Administrators > Select the 'Pages' application here:

Anyone with their name in this box with have the highest level 'Pages' permissions: 


Now that the user has these permissions, they can access the below page and grant site creation permissions to other users:

Navigate to Applications > Admin > Pages > Permissions to grant permission on who can create and delete sites in your company.


Typically Content Managers or only selected members management should have this permission allowing them to setup a sites for their departments.

The second tier is: 

- Ability to manage/edit specific sites and assign viewing permissions

These permissions are set per page - as its likely different users will be in charge of different pages on the site.

To assign these permissions navigate to Applications > Admin > Pages > Select the following 


The third and final tier is:

- Ability to view the site 

These permissions can be granted by navigating to Applications > Pages > Select the little cog here: 


You can add groups and roles in here and individually determine if they should just be able to edit or add to the page. 


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