Claromentis 9 is now available!

Public News | 1 February 2024 by Mhairi Hutton 9, intranet, new release


The eagerly anticipated Claromentis 9 is now available for all Claromentis users. Put in your upgrade request here to get yours scheduled.

Claromentis 9 has been in the works for quite some time, we have had a few early adopters and we are pleased we can finally announce that it is ready for all Claromentis users to enjoy. 


Please take a look at a couple of our articles on Claromentis 9 and make sure your site is ready. There are some design improvements made that will tweak the look and feel of your system, so please take a look!

Please be aware that we are expecting a large influx of requests, so there may be a queue in getting your upgrade out to you depending on your requirements/system specifics. We will be working as quickly as we can to get this new version out to you as soon as possible!


Image by gstudioimagen on Freepik




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