Claromentis 9: Preview and preparation


Claromentis 9 is the next whole site version due for release! This version has a whole new look as well as some applications that will be removed.

Read on to find out more and ensure your team is prepared for an eventual upgrade to this version :)

Claromentis 9 is the next generation of our intranet software, the last major release was v8 in 2017


Check out its new look in this video:


What's new in Claromentis 9:

  • An updated modern clean design 
  • Multi-coloured application icons
  • Brand new design panel with responsive design preview
  • Greater mobile support

An upgrade to Claromentis 9 will mean your site looks different and navigation methods are slightly altered due to the design changes.

There will be a short transition period to get used to the new offerings however, this should remain intuitive to use and have a positive impact on user experience.

Overall, Claromentis 9 is more engaging and sleek than ever before!


When is it available?

Claromentis 9 is due for release at the end of this year (subject to change), so is not available just yet.

Once it is released we will advertise this on Discover, please do not submit upgrade requests until the announcement is made :)


Prepare for Claromentis 9 - Deprecated applications

There are certain applications that will be removed in Claromentis 9 your team must be aware of before an upgrade to it takes place, read more about these below.

More information on the legacy applications


In the meantime, before 9 is available your team have the opportunity to prepare for an eventual move to this version.

Check for any content you wish to keep from the legacy applications listed above, recreate them in the new corresponding areas we have developed for them or offer this via an alternative method as you see fit.

Once an upgrade to 9 takes place all deprecated content will be removed permanently.

Please ensure your team is aware of this and has carried out any arrangements before requesting an upgrade to prevent any unexpected data loss on your site.


Do I need to do anything?

If your site still has content in any of the applications to be deprecated in 9, it's time now to recreate this in the newer corresponding Intranet areas or make alternative arrangements for it to ensure it is retained ahead of an eventual upgrade.

If your site is already using the Pages application and all content that will be deprecated has been recreated or stored elsewhere, then no further action is required.

If you aren't sure if you need to take action or have any questions please submit a support ticket and we can assist you.




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