What's new in Claromentis 8.5 (Stanmer)

Public News | 2 October 2018 by Michael Christian release


We’re so happy to announce the latest version of Claromentis, which is brimmed to the top with new features. We have a brand new app and we have a brand new naming convention. So from all of us here at Claromentis, welcome to Claromentis “Stanmer”!

What's up with the name Stanmer? read our blog


New Features


Better navigation between Admin panel and frontend app

Intranet administrators often need to switch between using the frontend of an app and its corresponding Admin panel. We’ve now made that process 3x faster (we timed it) by adding a direct link that lets you switch between frontend and backend.


Design Customisation

Your intranet main menu can now be displayed as a side menu, ideal for those who are more accustomed to the layout of mobile apps. You can also expand the layout of your intranet to “full width”, which is great for users with large computer monitors.


Discuss Improvements

  • Discuss: added ability to unlike comments
  • Discuss: added permalinks for individual comments




  • Documents module now uses the same comments system as the rest of Claromentis
  • Documents: added OneDrive picker integration for adding document links



New Admin Panel Layout including

  • Project Summary Landing Page
  • Contextual help text 
  • Statuses can be managed easily now with a dedicated panel

  • Note ordering, you can now switch to display notes by Newest first or Oldest first

  • Added date-based logic to forms
  • Added ability to use roles/groups in workflow
  • Improvements to the layout of exported pdf files
  • Improvements to notifications


  • News: improvements to breadcrumb.
  • General: added option to allow aspect ratio to be unlocked when cropping images.
  • General: the number of days trash is kept before being automatically deleted is now configurable.
  • General: added tooltips to the navigation menu.
  • Search: a fuzzy global search for improved search results.
  • Themes: many improvements to themes user experience.
  • Many other small interface and UX improvements.




  • Bugfixes merged forward from 8.2.12, 8.3.4 and 8.4.2
  • Discuss: Deactivate and re-activate the post button when a comment is posted to prevent it being submitted multiple times accidentally. 
  • Documents: fixed search error 
  • Documents: Only show draft status checkbox on standard documents, not markers or links. (#19640)
  • General: bug where dates that were not set by the user were treated as if theywere set to 0 (#20931)
  • General: fixed timing issue preventing menu from being opened (#20858)
  • General: Stopped the spinner background in fileuploader from repeating (#20715)
  • Infocapture: display issue when editing previously set condition (#20911)
  • Infocapture: error on field condition submit (#20898)
  • Infocapture: Changed PDF download so filename uses name in project (#20893)
  • Infocapture: fixed bug where in-system triggers did not send 'also send to' emails (#0020811)
  • Infocapture: problem where query string was overriding project selection (#20934)
  • Infocapture: preventing project switch on edit issue (#20935)
  • Infocapture: reinstated missing admin icon to infocapture (#20953)
  • Infocapture: admin panel category lables (#20999)
  • Infocapture: undefined workflow was treated as not allowing any values (#0020984)
  • Infocapture: fixed bug occurring when 'myself' is not a selectable field in a user picker (#0020981)
  • News: listing now uses the full size images to prevent blurry images being displayed (#20821)
  • People: when showing blocked users, letters were enabled or disabled based on number of active users (#20904)
  • People: search filter issues on user list letter links (#20902 and #20903)
  • Many other minor bugfixes
  • General: improved usability when adding an image by making upload file from computer more obvious than uploading from Documents
  • General: removed styling for upload button from green colour to neutral
  • InfoCapture reposition 'Upload file' button to the bottom rather than part of description (Jira UIUX-43)
  • Image crop tool: made entire well clickable to upload or drop image (UIUX-58)
  • Holidays: html escaping in displayed names in Holidays 'My Team' view (#21068)
  • General: merged forward fixes from 8.0.20, 8.1.13, 8.2.14, 8.3.6 and 8.4.4
  • Bugfixes - General: Merged forward bugfixes and improvements from 8.2.15, 8.3.7 and 8.4.5
  • General: Notifications in the title bar could show encoded HTML entities. (BT #21227, D 22073)
  • News: Removing max-height that caused news title to be truncated in a narrow column (Disco 022253) (UIUX-236)
  • Infocapture: IC project colour picker wouldn't let colours be picked until the full colour picker dialog was opened. (#21125)
  • Comments: fixed a regression, possibly from a merge conflict (CORE-112)
  • People: Updated myprofile to respect profile image rounded corners when chosen in design tool (#20997)
  • General: bugfixes and improvements merged forward from 8.3.8, 8.4.6
  • Calendar: fix exported url not working (CORE 289)
  • Merged bugfixes forward from 8.3.9 and 8.4.7
  • (Dev Only) Fixed Behat login problems when guest access is enabled (CORE-268)
  • (Dev Only) Database bool columns created/altered by the DAL could not be set to default to 1. (see commit 3a7ac056 for comment)


Techie Stuff

  • Added Behat automated browser testing
  • Sudo user feature for diagnostics and support
  • Added ability to use SQLite databases for claromentis for testing
  • Added automatic dependency injection
  • Added ability for pages components to have time and colour pickers


New Modules & Component

HR Tool New

Brand new modules to keep Employees HR data securely


Request Upgrade


Check System admin panel, If you don't' see new app or module on your system then

Submit Change Request





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