What's new in Claromentis South Downs (8.11)

Public News | 4 January 2021 by Gili Dailes release, 8.11


Discover what's included in the latest Claromentis version 

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Very early on it became clear that businesses all around the world needed to adjust the way they were working in order to survive this ongoing crisis. To provide better support to our clients during this time and in a truly agile way, we decided to focus our efforts on making your ideas and suggestions a reality.  

8.11 is the last major version we released in 2020. Rather than having one particular flagship feature, our latest version is based solely on requests made by our diverse client base.   

We hope these changes will make your jobs a little easier, and we'd like to thank you for being proactive and submitting your brilliant ideas. Here’s to a better year ahead! 



  • A new ‘Download as CSV’ button has been added to the Ticket List page, for a quick and easy export of the list of issues.

  • We’ve implemented in-line validation, which means that when a form is submitted with an error in one of the fields the page will automatically scroll to where the error is and the field itself will be highlighted. This should make for a great improvement in user experience, especially when submitting long forms. 


  • Bulk download all attachments: We’ve added the option to download all of the files that are attached in the notes section of a ticket as one .zip file, so that you no longer have to save them one by one.

  • Filter by ‘Tickets I’m monitoring’: It is now possible to filter the tickets list so that it only shows those the user is monitoring, both in the Ticket List page and in the Open Items component. 

Policy Manager

  • Download policy as .PDF: We’ve added the option to download a policy that uses a ‘Page’ type as a PDF file.

  • Custom acceptance text: It is now possible to customise the acceptance text of an individual policy. 



  • We’ve added more options to the two Projects Pages components - My Tasks and My Projects - allowing users to configure settings such as which projects to show, sorting order, and more, making the components more contextual and useful. 



Who’s Out? 

  • We’ve added an option to filter by Group or Role when configuring the Who’s Out component, which enables larger companies to show more relevant content on departmental pages or locations pages. 


Polls & Surveys 

  • Notify on new submissions: Selected users can now be notified every time a response is submitted if this option is selected. 



  • When we moved to fuzzy search globally, we ended up in a situation where exact matches were not favoured, and neither were matches in titles. Due to improvements to the query builder, exact matches are now favoured, matches in titles are favoured, and exact matches in titles are extra favoured.

Change logs


Policy Manager

Quiz, Polls & Surveys 



To upgrade to the latest version, please submit an Upgrade Request and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a suitable upgrade date. 

Please note: If you’ve already requested an upgrade before this announcement, please add a note to your existing request rather than submitting a new ticket.  






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