What's new in Claromentis Beacon version 8.7


Discover what's new in Claromentis Beacon, including our completely transformed Communication app!

Flagship feature: Communication

Our Communication app has undergone a complete makeover, with new functionality and a new look.

New look

Taking inspiration from the messaging apps you use every day (think WhatsApp and iMessage), we've redesigned our Communication app so that it's slick, clean, and modern.

Group chats

Send messages to multiple people with the new group chat feature, which will automatically group together the messages into a single thread.

Add emojis and format text

Our Communication app comes with built-in emoji support, so you can add emojis to any message. You can also format text styling using the rich-text editor.

Share files

You can share files, links, and images in any message, making for speedy collaboration with your coworkers.


Admin scripts

We've created a dedicated panel for your intranet administrators to safely add third-party scripts, such as Google Analytics tracking, to your intranet.


6 grid layout

Optimise the space on your intranet with our new 6 grid layout option, which allows you to add more intranet components and tools width-wise as well as lengthwise.

4 grid intranet layout (top) vs 6 grid layout (bottom)

Page frame

Our new "page frame" option, which encases all intranet widgets into a white frame, gives you a different intranet style choice.

Release notes

For full information about Claromentis Beacon, including improvements to InfoCapture, HR, and Learning, download our release notes.

Download release notes


To upgrade to Claromentis Beacon, please submit an Upgrade Request and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a suitable upgrade date. 

Please note: there is currently a lead time of approximately 8 weeks for upgrades.

Submit upgrade request




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