What’s new in Claromentis Seven Sisters (version 8.9)

Public News | 24 March 2020 by Gili Dailes release


Discover what's new in Claromentis Seven Sisters 8.9, including our brand new Announcements app and an improved version of the Thank You module!

Flagship feature: Announcements 

Previously hidden within the News admin panel, we have now created a brand new, dedicated Announcements application. Designed to help push important company updates in a quick and easy way, the Announcements application also helps you monitor the number of people who have read and accepted the announcement.


Our new application allows you to:

  • View all announcements in one central place (eg: https://yourintraneturl.com/announcements) 

  • Choose different announcement layouts (a banner, a modal window, or an overlay) 

  • Add a customised acknowledgement message, which requires the user to check a box to confirm that they’ve read and accepted

  • View statistics of how many users have read (and accepted, if relevant) your announcement

  • Copy the announcement to email 

  • Schedule the announcements start and end time 


It is in times like these that this application proved very important! 



Thank You Version 2 

Our Thank You component helps you to recognise and give kudos to your coworkers. Here’s what we’ve improved in one of our favourite Claromentis features: 

  • New Application page: Thank You is now available as a separate application, as well as a homepage component, which displays all recent “thank yous”.  

  • Company Core Values: By enabling this feature in the admin panel, you can add your company’s core values. You can choose to associate these values to any “thank you” that you give, and then view how many times each core value was selected. 

  • You can now thank Groups and Roles.

  • You can comment on Thank You notes

  • We’ve added two new reports to the admin panel: “report by user” and “report by core values”. 




We’ve added two new applications to the Statistics panel: Knowledge Base and Pages. 

  • Pages: Track which Pages / Sites were visited within a selected timeframe and by how many unique users. 

  • Knowledge Base: Gain visibility of how many times your articles were viewed, liked, followed and commented on within a selected timeframe.   


Global Search 

We’ve added indexing for the following parts of the system:  

  • Gallery albums and photos 

  • Communication messages 


Both are permissions based, and results will be displayed according to the visibility rights of the person performing the search. 


People API Version 2 

We’ve released a new version of our People API, allowing users to create, read, update and delete Users, Roles, Groups, and Extranets

See our developer documentation for more information: https://developer.claromentis.com/latest/api/people-v2.html


Pages Components Categories 

We’ve made it a lot easier to browse and select Pages components, by adding handy categories and descriptions. 


New Components


Easily add a twitter feed to your page by entering the profile’s URL:

Full Release Notes 



Thank You 


To upgrade to the latest version, please submit an Upgrade Request and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a suitable upgrade date. 

Please note: there is currently a lead time of approximately 6 weeks for upgrades. If you’ve already requested an upgrade before this announcement, please add a note to your existing request rather than submitting a new ticket.  




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