Claromentis 8.3 is now available


Claromentis 8.3 is now available! Read on to discover what's new and how you can upgrade.

Claromentis 8.3 is here!

Claromentis 8.3 is now available, and includes improved usability, more integration than ever before, and enhanced customisability. 


What's new in 8.3?


Image Gallery

Our Image Gallery app has been reworked so that it has better usability, added socal functionality, and a more immersive slideshow experience.

New Image Gallery slideshow



Our SysAdmin panel has been updated to include even more configurable features for your Intranet Administrators, including the ability to localise the system to your language and set up Microsoft Active Directory integration.


Knowledge Base

We've made knowledge sharing even easier in our Knowledge Base application. Each article now has "Was this helpful?" and "Share" buttons which help users upvote quality content and share it to their coworkers in a click.



Turn entire News channels into homepage sliders using our new Pages component. This replaces the outdated Slider admin panel, and provides a much simpler user experience.

New News slider component



Our Design panel includes additional features that allow you to customise your intranet, including changing component panel headers and profile picture styling. 


Download our release notes

Our Claromentis 8.3 release notes, with full information about all our new features and enhancements, can be downloaded here.


Upgrade to Claromentis 8.3

If you would like to upgrade to Claromentis 8.3, please submit an Upgrade Request here. Please note that due to popular demand, delays and longer than usual queues should be expected! Our Service Delivery team will work with you throughout the upgrade process to ensure everything is covered.




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