Claromentis 9 is now available!

1 February 2024

The eagerly anticipated Claromentis 9 is now available for all Claromentis users. Put in your upgrade request here to get yours scheduled.

Claromentis 9: Preview and preparation

8 November 2022

Claromentis 9 is the next whole site version due for release! This version has a whole new look as well as some applications that will be removed.

Read on to find out more and e…

Using Publish? You Need To Migrate to Pages!

4 May 2022

Claromentis version 9 is due for release and Publish will be deprecated from this version onwards. This means any existing Publish content you wish to keep needs to be re-created i…

We're extending active support for Claromentis version 8.13

28 April 2022

´╗┐Long term support for the Claromentis 8.13 platform will continue until November 2023, with security support until November 2024.