What's new in Claromentis Arundel version 8.8

10 October 2019

Discover what's new in Claromentis Arundel 8.8, including our brand new Badges app!

Claromentis Mobile App

27 September 2019

Access Claromentis system conveniently on the go with Claromentis Mobile App that designed to work with your existing intranet.

What's new in Claromentis Beacon version 8.7

15 May 2019

Discover what's new in Claromentis Beacon, including our completely transformed Communication app!

Course (LMS) 2.3.14 has been released!

25 April 2019

This upgrade includes a feature to disable downloads for web-supported files including pdf and video files so that you can keep the file secure while letting users accessing l…

What's new in Claromentis Arcade version 8.6?

28 January 2019

Check out the brand new features available in Claromentis Arcade, including our exciting new Buttons app.