What's new in Claromentis Arundel version 8.8

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Discover what's new in Claromentis Arundel 8.8, including our brand new Badges app!

Flagship feature: Badges

We welcome a brand new app to the Claromentis family - Badges! 

Our brand new employee recognition tool allows you to create and award badges to team members that showcase their achievements. 

You can create new badges using our in-built stock of icons, or upload your own image for a personalised award.

Adding a new badge


When you award a badge, you can include a personalised message to congratulate your employee/coworker. Earned badges are proudly displayed on employees' profiles.

Badges displayed on user profile





You can now reorder buttons within the Buttons component, by dragging and dropping buttons into the desired order.

Drag & drop buttons into the right order



You can now subscribe (and unsubscribe) to any Discuss channel in a single click - without having to contribute to the discussion first. Admins can also subscribe staff to channels on their behalf when first creating the discussion channel.

Subscribe to Discussion channels in a click



We’ve added extra auditing for InfoCapture events in Audit Logs, including:


  • Changing a project's status
  • Changing project workflows
  • Changing the available ticket statuses
  • Changing field permissions/visibility
  • Changing the project's codename
  • Changing SLA rules and work hours
  • Changing the project permissions
  • Changing dynamic fields
  • Changing field condition sets
  • Changing who gets notifications and why
  • Changing triggers
  • Changing the layout of the ticket list


Knowledge Base

You can now click on any image in a Knowledge Base article to view its original size. 



We have improved the layout of our News application, so that channels now appear at the top. We've added breadcrumb trails too so that users can easily navigate around the app. Users can also subscribe/unsubscribe from a News channel in a single click.



We've added new styling options to our Who's Out and Knowledge Base components, giving you more customisation choices.

“Standard” (left) vs. “Modern” (right) label styling options for Who's Out component

“List view” (left) vs. new “Slider view” (right) styling options for Knowledge Base component



We've added some new features to our Quiz app, including the ability to have multiple correct answers per question, displaying help text, and shuffling answers between attempts. 

Choose to have multiple correct answers


Release notes

For full information about Claromentis Arundel, download our release notes:

Download release notes



To upgrade to Claromentis Arundel, please submit an Upgrade Request and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a suitable upgrade date. 

Please note: there is currently a lead time of approximately 6 weeks for upgrades.

Submit upgrade request




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