Support for IE 10 in Claromentis 8.3

Public News | 15 December 2017 by Kerensa Johnson browser, intranet


We'll no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 10 from Claromentis 8.3 onwards. Read on to find out more.

Microsoft support for IE 10

Microsoft announced last year that they would no longer support Internet Explorer 10, meaning there would be no more security updates, compatibility fixes or technical support. 

IE 10 support in Claromentis 8.3

We're already working towards the next version of our software, Claromentis 8.3. As our software grows and uses more sophisticated technology, we need to consider which browsers can best support it. Given that Microsoft have terminated support for IE 10, and our continued mission to provide innovative software, we've decided to stop supporting IE 10 in Claromentis 8.3. This decision also ensures that we don't put our customers at risk of the security vulnerabilities associated with unsupported browsers.

More information

For further information about which browsers we support, read our article here.




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