We are moving SaaS intranets from Rackspace to Google


By the end of 2016, we are moving all of our cloud hosted intranets from Rackspace to Google. Read on to discover what this means for you - and how you will benefit from the move.

Claromentis are changing cloud hosting providers

We are moving all cloud hosted intranets on our SaaS package from Rackspace Public Cloud to Google Compute Engine by the end of 2016.

Why are we doing this?

Moving to Google's hosting platform will ensure that our customers can benefit from the latest deployment technology, enhanced security, improved performance, and better infrastructure. Our long term plan at Claromentis is to deliver a scalable, reliable, and automated SaaS solution, and the advanced technology provided by Google's Compute Engine will make this possible.

What does this mean for my intranet?

We will be migrating intranets from Rackspace to Google in batches over the next several months, in order to ensure minimal disruption. Whilst we will try to migrate your intranet out-of-hours wherever possible, there will likely be a short period of downtime whilst the move takes place.

Everything about the move, including transfer dates and potential downtime, will be personally communicated with you beforehand on Discover.

Are there any costs associated with the move?

Nope! The move from Rackspace to Google is part of our focus on investing in the latest technologies, and there will be no additional cost to the customer.

What benefits will I see after my intranet has been moved to Google?

You can expect a more reliable, faster, and even more secure platform from day one. Check out our Rackspace vs. Google comparison chart for more information.

Why did we choose Google as a hosting provider?

Google's product roadmap aligns with our own exciting vision at Claromentis. By using Google, we will be able to deploy and maintain intranets which have higher levels of security, reliability, and performance, at a much faster and automated rate. Google are also a trusted brand for over 4 million applications worldwide, providing hosting for companies such as Coca Cola, Spotify, Ocado, Disney, Sony, and Lloyds Bank.

What happens next?

You will be contacted by our Support Team in the coming months, informing you when your intranet will be moved to Google. All communication will take place here on Discover, where our Support Technicians will be on hand to help.



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