Claromentis 9: Publish FAQ

Why is Publish being deprecated in Claromentis 9?

Publish was our primary content management system (CMS) until Pages was introduced in Claromentis 8.1 back in 2017. Since then, we have maintained both Publish and Pages, while continuously improving the latter. 

In order to help us better align our resources to improve the features, performance, and security of Pages, we have made the decision to deprecate Publish in the next next version of our software - Claromentis 9 - whilst still supporting it in older versions.

What features and benefits does Pages offer over Publish?

Pages allows you to easily build intranet pages using drag & drop functionality, where you can add, move, and customise powerful intranet components and third-party widgets to create content-rich pages. Pages is user-friendly, modern, and easy to use thanks to its intuitive drag & drop technology, and each component automatically pulls in dynamic content from various applications within your Claromentis intranet. 

Pages components being added to a page with drag and drop.

Can Claromentis help us move content from Publish to Pages?

The way Publish is used can vary significantly depending on the content. Therefore, we’ll work with each customer individually to find a suitable solution for moving content from Publish to Pages. If you’re still using Publish on Claromentis 8, but want to benefit from using Pages instead, you may start the migration process early. If you need assistance, please open an Assistance Request on Discover and we will help you with the transition.

We’re still using Publish - will it still be supported?

We’re only deprecating support for Publish in Claromentis 9. Any previous versions of Claromentis will still include a version of Publish.

We’re not quite ready to migrate our content - how long will Publish be supported in Claromentis 8?

We’re committed to supporting Claromentis 8 - which includes Publish - for two years after its release. The last feature version of Claromentis 8 will be released in 2022, meaning that Publish will be supported until at least May 2024. This will include security updates.

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Created on 16 December 2020 by Ivan Bandura

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