We're Stopping Phone Support to Enable Our Teams to Give Customers the Best Service


We've decided to turn off our phone support service, so that our teams can provide better and more tailored support to customers. Read on to find out more.

What's happening?

From 1st July, we're turning off our telephone support service. This means that our customers will no longer be able to contact our support phone number. This applies to both our core business hours (9am-5pm) and our out of hours (5-10pm GMT/BST) offering.

Why are we stopping phone support?

We've decided to stop our phone support service so that our teams can focus their efforts on providing the best support via a single channel – Discover.

By keeping all support queries within Discover, we believe that we can offer customers a better, more tailored service that delivers the most value. Our teams will be able to:

  • Provide personalised support that's specific to customers' queries
  • Dedicate more time to schedule screenshares or video calls with customers to investigate specific issues
  • Offer customers better accountability, resolution times, and escalation to technical managers

In addition, by submitting a ticket in Discover, customers can also track process, add notes, and liaise with their dedicated support specialist directly. 

How do I submit a Discover support ticket?

You can easily submit support tickets by clicking the "Support Tickets" button on the homepage and then clicking "Submit Support Ticket":


Or by clicking the "Get Help" menu, clicking the "Support Tickets" sub-menu item, and then clicking "Submit Support Ticket":




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