What's new in Claromentis v8.13

Public News | 23 February 2022 by Hannah Door release, 8.13


Discover what is new in the latest version of Claromentis!

8.13 is our last release before our next major version – Claromentis 9 – is made available later in the year.

Alongside the usual bug fixes, we've made some major improvements to our Projects app in 8.13, including a brand new Kanban board that allows you to visualise tasks and move task cards between statuses.


Highlights in Projects module version 2.1 include: 

  • Tasks in a project can be viewed as a list (as before) or now in a Kanban/board view with the ability to drag tasks between statuses

  • An overview dashboard that allows users to see recent activity, the latest comments, the status of tasks, and more at a glance
  • Tasks can have multiple assignees
  • Project discussions are no longer restricted to a single discussion thread but can now have multiple topics
  • ... plus lots of bugfixes and other improvements.


User guide



Also included in 8.13

1. Improved performance to InfoCapture plug-ins.

2. Exported design themes no longer include paths for background images.

3. Fix for undefined index error on Documents homepage and Documents detail pages.

4. Improved uploaded file validation in the comments system.



To upgrade to the latest version, please submit an Upgrade Request and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date. 

Please note: If you’ve already requested an upgrade before this announcement, please add a note to your existing request rather than submitting a new ticket.  

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