Claromentis Releases in January 2016

Public News | 29 February 2016 by Kerensa Johnson


The start of 2016 was an exciting and busy time for us at Claromentis! January saw the release of new features in both our Intranet and Business Process Management platforms, which as always aim to help improve productivity and efficiency within the digital workplace.

Business Process Management Platform

As well as adding private notes, users now have the ability to add private attachments, very useful in cases where files need to remain restricted to certain departments.

Intranet Platform

Our popular Holiday Planner homepage component has been re-designed and improved to display useful information such as leave type, to make it easier to view at a glance who is away and why.

Holiday Planner Who's Out Component

We have introduced two major improvements to our Policy Manager application; User Reports and an updated Mandatory Read homepage component.

The new User Reports feature allows relevant intranet administrators to report on who has accepted any given policy and when. The report can be run based on individual users, roles, groups, or extranet areas; by policy category; and by policy status.

The Mandatory Read homepage component has been redesigned to be more intuitive, displaying which policies are awaiting urgent action.

Policy Manager Mandatory Read Component

Stay tuned for future updates in the coming months!




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