Course (LMS) 2.3.14 has been released!

25 April 2019

This upgrade includes a feature to disable downloads for web-supported files including pdf and video files so that you can keep the file secure while letting users accessing l…

What's new in Claromentis Arcade version 8.6?

28 January 2019

Check out the brand new features available in Claromentis Arcade, including our exciting new Buttons app.

What's new in Claromentis 8.5 (Stanmer)

2 October 2018

We’re so happy to announce the latest version of Claromentis, which is brimmed to the top with new features. We have a brand new app and we have a brand new naming convention. S…

Claromentis 8.3 is now available

3 July 2018

Claromentis 8.3 is now available! Read on to discover what's new and how you can upgrade.

Pages Drop-In Now In Knowledge Base

9 March 2018

With the re-introduction to our online drop-in sessions, we have started with a very successful presentation of the new Pages application!
Thank you everyone who attended and I ho…

Welcome to your new Discover support portal

1 February 2018

We’re incredibly excited to unveil our brand new support portal. Read on to discover what’s new.

Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities

10 January 2018

What you need to know about the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities

Support for IE 10 in Claromentis 8.3

15 December 2017

We'll no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 10 from Claromentis 8.3 onwards. Read on to find out more.

Claromentis 8.2 is Now Available

1 November 2017

Claromentis 8.2 has been released. Read on to discover what's new and how you can upgrade.