New Marketplace module IC Pick!

8 February 2024

We have a new Marketplace module ready for you. IcPick is a custom InfoCapture plugin module that can apply a sequence of rules to dynamically populate form fields and change an i…

Claromentis 9 is now available!

1 February 2024

The eagerly anticipated Claromentis 9 is now available for all Claromentis users. Put in your upgrade request here to get yours scheduled.

New AI assistant on Discover

20 November 2023

Introducing CLAIR, the latest addition to Discover!

User Directory Sync - a new Marketplace application

15 August 2023

Our custom developers have now released a new marketplace application - User Directory Sync 🎉

Stock component update!

24 July 2023

We have recently changed our stock price provider. Please see our knowledge base article for more details. 

Claromentis Team Retreat

27 June 2023

This year our annual company retreat is scheduled from July 10 to the 13th.  We wanted to communicate this in advance as our day-to-day operations will be slower than usual with f…

Changes to our payment methods

13 June 2023

In order to provide a more reliable and secure payment system for our customers we have made changes to the ways that Claromentis accepts payments.

Introducing Claromentis University

8 June 2023

We have recently created a new area of Discover called Claromentis University

Custom iOS Mobile App Distribution is changing

24 May 2023

IMPORTANT CHANGE to Apple Enterprise Distribution Programme
Apple is changing their policy on Enterprise Distribution Programme and our membership is expiring on 24th May 2023.

New Infocapture service

16 May 2023

We are excited to announce a new service that we are offering to all Claromentis users: Infocapture Consulting Services.