Stock Price Component

This guide is applicable for Stock Component 2.7 for Claromentis 8.13 and 3.0 for Claromentis 9/10

Our Stock Component uses data provided by TwelveData 

Under the basic free plan, you are limited to 800 API credits per day and 8 requests per minute.


If your company is a heavy user of this component and would like to use your own paid API token for your system, you can follow the following steps.

1. Register an account

Register your own account at TwelveData and verify the email address you are using.


2. Get an API Secret Key

Navigate to API keys and copy the Secret Key


3. Navigate to Claromentis 

Admin > System > API keys 

Add new integration with the following information:

API Name: twelvedata

API Description: Twelve data API key

API Help: Allows integration to TwelveData stock API

Entry Key: api_key

Entry Value: [paste the API token value here]


4. Testing

Check your stock component and make sure it works correctly.



My Stock Price shows "Account error"

Under free-plan, the stock component is limited to 8 requests per minute. If you are getting "Account error"
Please wait a few minutes and try again.

Alternatively, you can sign up with your own account and enter your own API key as instructed above.


Why for some stocks company name is displayed but not others?

Twelwedata provides company names in the upgraded price plan and only some companies will display their name within the free tier. The stock component is designed to display a company name if information is available otherwise it falls back to the stock symbol.



The previous stock price component was provided by IEXCloud, you can find the old article here.



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