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WARNING! We have now changed the Stock Provider due to a significant price increase by IEXCloud.
If your Stock Component stops working please submit an upgrade request to the latest version.
This guide is outdated and only applicable for Stock Component 2.6.0+ for Claromentis 8.3+

Stock Price Component 

Our Stock Component uses data provided by IEXCloud. If your company is a heavy user of this component and would like to use your own paid API token for your system, you can follow the following steps:

Otherwise, here are the stocks it will show

1. Register an account

Register your own account at IEXCloud and verify the email address you are using.


2. Get API Token

Navigate to API Tokens and copy token value


3. Navigate to Claromentis 

Admin > System > API keys 

Add new integration with the following information:

API Name: iexcloud

API Description: IEXCloud

API Help: Stock Component

Entry Key: api_key

Entry Value: [paste the API token value here]


4. Testing & Troubleshooting

Check your stock component and make sure it works correctly.

From IEX Cloud console you can check Messages use, each time stock component is retrieving new data the messages used value will be increased.

Created on 21 June 2019 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 24 July 2023

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