Claromentis 8 is Now Available


Claromentis 8 is now available to all our customers. Discover what new features are included, and how you can upgrade.

Claromentis 8 is here!

We are delighted to announce that Claromentis 8 has officially been released! The latest major version since Claromentis 7, our newest release sees the exciting arrival of our brand new Project Management Platform, as well as enhancements throughout our core framework, and general stabilisation and bug fixes. 

What's new in Claromentis 8?

Project Management Platform

New to Claromentis 8 is the Project Management Platform. Joining the Intranet, Learning Management, and Business Process Management solutions, the Project Management Platform is an add-on module which aims to streamline projects into one central hub. Task management, resource allocation, and discussion areas are all handled within the Project Management Platform, as well as configurable client access rights, integration with the Document Management System, and customisable project teams.

Social Connect Single Sign On (SSO)

Claromentis 8 now lets you connect your social media accounts to your digital workplace. This means that users can automatically login to their intranet using their social media login credentials, creating a seamless experience between social and professional networking. Compatible social media accounts include Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, and Google.

Enhanced Admin panel customisation

Intranet administrators now have even more control over their intranet settings. Administrators can fully disable apps which aren't in use, configure advanced user profile settings, and implement strict password security, all within application admin panels. 

Download our release notes

Our Claromentis 8 release notes, with full information about all our new features and enhancements, can be downloaded here.

Upgrade to Claromentis 8

If you would like to upgrade to Claromentis 8, please submit an Upgrade Request here, and our project management team will be in touch to arrange this with you.




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