IMPORTANT: SSL certificates are now required by Google Chrome

Public News | 3 April 2018 by Kerensa Johnson


From July 2018, Google Chrome will mark websites without an SSL certificate as "not secure". Read on to discover how this will affect your intranet.

What's happening?

Google have announced that from July 2018, all websites which do not have an SSL certificate (those with the HTTP prefix) will be marked as "not secure" in Chrome. This means that websites will need an SSL certificate (those with the HTTPS prefix) to be accessible securely in Chrome.

How non-secure "HTTP" websites will be displayed in Chrome from July 2018

What does this mean for my intranet?

If your intranet has an SSL certificate already - then no further action is needed.

However, if you do not have an SSL certificate, we highly recommend that you have one installed. Not only will this comply with Google Chrome's new rules, it is also best practice, as it ensures that your intranet access is secure and your intranet data is protected.

We provide two SSL packages to suit businesses of all sizes: SSL Basic and SSL Pro.

SSL Basic - this package is free for all SaaS-hosted intranets that use the standard domain. We will take care of the installation, maintenance and renewals.

SSL Pro - this package is for clients who have a custom intranet domain (e.g. We purchase and install an SSL certificate that's registered in your company name, for an upfront cost of $500, paid annually. This fee also includes maintenance and renewal tracking by the Claromentis Support team.

If you have a custom intranet domain, you can also purchase an SSL certificate yourself, which we can install for you for an upfront fee. Maintenance and renewals will need to be handled by your IT team.

I need more information.

Download our at-a-glance information sheet here for more details on our SSL packages.

How do I get an SSL certificate?

Simply submit a Change Request and we will be in touch soon to arrange installation. 



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