Secure Your Cloud Intranet With Our SSL Certificate Packages

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Claromentis now offer two SSL certificate packages for our SaaS hosted customers. Read on to find out more, and how you can secure your intranet.

Adding an SSL certificate to your intranet is an effective way of enhancing data and access security, and Claromentis now offer this as an add-on service for our SaaS customers using the domain.

How will an SSL certificate keep my intranet secure?

Adding an SSL certificate to your intranet means that all traffic will be passed via HTTPS, rather than HTTP. HTTPS (the "S" stands for secure!) ensures that communication between your intranet and the server it is hosted on is encrypted, keeping your data safe and your mind at rest.

What SSL certificate packages do Claromentis offer?

We have two SSL certificate packages available which are suitable for a variety of businesses.

SSL Basic

Our SSL Basic package is suitable for small or medium businesses who want assurance that their intranet is safe, and at a low monthly cost. This service includes an SSL certificate installed by our Support Team, 256 bit SSL encryption, and $1,250,000 NetSure® Warranty. The certificate will be registered to Claromentis Ltd.


Our SSL Pro package suits large companies who require the highest authentication standards and a personalised SSL certificate. Installed by our Support Team, the SSL certificate is registered to your individual company name, includes 256 bit SSL encryption, $1,500,000 NetSure® Warranty, and the True BusinessID® + EV green website seal.

What requirements are needed to purchase an SSL certificate?

You need to be one of our SaaS hosted customers, using the domain (check your intranet URL in the address bar to find out).

Help! I'm not sure which SSL certificate I need...

Check out our full SSL certificate comparison page here, which outlines exactly what each package contains.

OK sign me up! How do I purchase an SSL certificate?

Simply submit a Change Request here on Discover, and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange this with you.



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