Introduction to the Documents Application

What is the Documents application?

A folder directory structure is the organisation of an operating system's files and how this is displayed to a user. 

Files are typically laid out in a hierarchical structure. 

In Claromentis there is no limit to how many folders or subfolders can be created or how many files can be uploaded.

This is restricted only by the amount of space on your server.

If your system is hosted by us you will have 100GB of free storage from installation, so please contact us if you would like to purchase more.


The index below offers more information on how to use the application. If you run into any issues or have a product functionality question, please submit a support ticket so our team can assist.


Documents application literature index

These guides are intended for site administrators - those who will advise end-users on how to use the application as well as manage the whole directory.

It is recommended to start at the top and read through in order.


Documents Admin side (General) 

Documents Admin (Manage Documents List) 

Documents Front End (General)


Permissions explained

Assigning permissions on the admin side 

Assigning permissions on the front end 


Document Metadata

How to Create a Folder

How to Upload a File


Document Preview 

Supported Preview Formats


Editing a Document and Version Control


Moving Files and Folders

Linking Files


Deleting Files and Folders 

Monitoring Files and Folders


Document Reports

Document Security Level

Digital Markers


Document Import

Document Export 

Document Migration


Document Workflow


Google Drive Picker integration

Microsoft OneDrive integration


Further Learning

We have an e-Learning course available here on Discover that covers the documents application in detail and would suit new administrators or those looking for a refresher.


Created on 6 May 2021 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 19 December 2023

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