Digital Marker

What is Digital Marker in Document ?


Digital Marker allows you to place a 'maker' or an indicator for files or physical files outside Claromentis. There are 2 known usecase:

1. Online File / Asset in the Cloud

You may want to store a link to an asset or file that are stored elsewhere in the cloud for instance an important file that are stored in OneDrive, DropBox or any other Cloud apps and make them searcheable within Claromentis.

(Please note only title and description you provided will be indexed for this type of marker, for Google Drive we do have option to index its content using Google Drive API)

2. Physical File / Asset

A copy of physical file or asset may exist in the office for example you may have a  physical 'wallet' for a case files whare are stored. 

South Office, 2nd Floor, Room 21, Cabinet 214A


How to Enable Digital Marker ?


1. Check if it is enabled

Digital marker is part of ERMS (Electronic Record Management System) feature, check if it is enabled on your system by navigating to 

Admin> Document Control Panel

if it isn't enabled (OFF) please contact our support team or raise a support ticket.


 2. Configure metadata required for Marker

Under Configuration, click Metadata and select "Markers" under Documents metadata 

For asset stored online we recommend to have 

Comments and Location (URL)

while for physical asset you can add for instance

Office Name, Room No, Cabinet No


Digital Markers benefits

  1. Searchable from the same search engine, it allows physical object/assets to be searchable within Claromentis along with other digital files
  2. Context, it is possible to place a physical or online marker in a relevant folder within the folder structure.


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