Assigning Sysadmins (System Administrators) and Application Administrators

The article will guide you on setting up Sysadmins and Application Administrators.

Sysadmins have the highest level of access to a site because they can make themselves or other users Application Administrators and through this access edit application properties and change user permissions.

Application administrators can access the admin side of the applications they have rights for and edit their properties, change their configuration and update user permissions.

Sysadmins and Application Administrator rights exist outside of People: Roles & groups and can only be given to individuals, but there is no limit on the number of Sysadmins or Application Administrators created.

The information given is outlined in the video at the top of this guide.

Admin Icon

Regardless of whether you are assigning Sysadmins or Application Administrators, the users need to be given permission to see the 'Admin' icon in the application list.

Otherwise, they cannot follow the Applications > Admin > xxxxx pathway to carry out their administrative duties.

The 'Admin' application icon that allows them to follow this pathway will not automatically appear:

Its permissions are controlled in Menu Builder, so it is required for an administrator of Menu Builder to update the permissions on the icon so that this now includes new Sysadmins and it appears for them to click on.

Check out our guide on How to configure the applications menu to assist with this.

Make sure that when new Syasdmins or Application Administrators are set their access to the 'Admin' icon is also updated.


Assigning Sysadmins

A Sysadmin is responsible for managing certain configuration options available in the System panel and making other users Application Administrators.

A Sysadmin can access Admin > System which gives them access to certain configuration options for your site as a whole as well as the ability to Assign Administrators.

Only the most responsible and those involved with the management of your site should be Sysadmins.

Generally when your company is onboarded your Intranet management team will have profiles created on your site first, and all of these will be made Sysadmins (as appropriate)

Your current Sysadmins will need to manage any new additions over time and know how to make others Sysadmins as required.


1. To assign a Sysadmin, navigate to Admin > System > Administrator

Reminder: If the application is greyed out, it means you do not have access to the admin panel. Please reach out to your internal Sysadmin to give you access - a list of names will appear when the key symbol is clicked.


2. From the panel, select System


3. Add the user you wish to make a Sysadmin into the field and press Save



Assigning Application Administrators

An Application Administrator will have access to the admin side of the applications (via Applications > Admin > xxxxx) they have been made an administrator for.

A user can be an administrator for one, a few or all applications, it depends on the access breakdown you need to implement across your users.

Being an Application Administrator can alter the configuration of that application as well as change user permissions in it, so Application Administrators must be trustworthy and responsible users.


It is likely that when your site was set up the current Intranet management team were made both Sysadmins and Application Administrators.

However these rights can be changed at any time to fit your needs, follow the steps below to make user(s) Application Administrators as required.


Reminder: Please be cautious when granting admin permissions as anyone who has access to the admin side of an application will be able to edit permissions within all areas of the application.


1. Navigate to Admin > System > Administrator


2. Select the relevant application listed to reveal the user select box where you can add more users, save to apply.


3. You can also set one user as an administrator for multiple applications by using Assign a User as an Admin for multiple panels


Select every application you want them to be an administrator for and save to apply.



Who is a Sysadmin currently? 

- Any current Sysadmin or Application Administrator can:

1. Head to Admin > System

2. Click the key symbol against System


3. Everyone listed is a Sysadmin of the site.

4. Application Administrators can contact these users to resolve administrative access issues to other applications, where they may not be administrators.


Who is an Application Administrator currently?

- Any current Sysadmin or Application Administrator can:

1. Head to Application > Admin

2. Click the Key symbol against the application they are interested in.

3. Every user listed is an Application Administrator of that application.

4. This is a handy way to quickly find out who is an administrator and can help you with a query for specific applications or resolve your access to something.


- Any current Sysadmins can:

1. Head to Applications > Admin > System > Administrator > Assign user to multiple applications


2. Enter the user whose access they want to check.

3. Once the user is selected the page will reload.


4. Every checkbox that is selected means they are an Application Administrator for it, if they have System selected, then they are also a Sysadmin.

5. This is a handy way for Sysadmins to visually check a user's administrative access so they can edit this as required.


Created on 24 April 2024 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 7 May 2024

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