Security Level in Documents


It is possible to further restrict access to a certain document or folder based on the IP range of the users. For instance, you may want to allow unrestricted access when the user is accessing a document from the office building and known IP address but block access when the user is accessing the same document from outside the office or known IPs.


How to enable:

First security level must be enabled in the configuration please submit a support ticket

Once it is enabled you can check under Admin/Documents under Security Level with status ON


Navigate to Admin/People/Configure IP Ranges (Under Configuration) to configure the IP range

Each IP range (intranet, office, employee's home, campus, etc) can be restricted to a certain security level.

For example, company intranet has "Top secret" level, some department restricted to "Confidential" level, the entire world has "Restricted" level.

When a user logs in from some computer, their security level will be calculated as lower of their own security level and security level of the computer's IP.

NB: if there are firewall or proxy between the intranet web server and user's computer, firewall IP will be taken.


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