Applications and their contents have been localised in the Intranet which means certain words and phrases can be changed to something else.

This is helpful as elements can be updated for different languages the system offers, or to meet preferences your company may have e.g. Instead of People calling this 'Our Team' or 'Directory', instead of 'Thank You' having this appears as 'Shout Out!'.

Being able to change phrases in the Intranet has practical uses and can also give your intranet a personal feel suited to your organisation.

Please note: Not every Intranet element has been localised. If there is something you want to change but cannot find the localisation string for, let us know in a support ticket and we can assist further :)


How to access localisation

A sysadmin can make edits to localisation.

1. Navigate to Applications > Admin > System.


2. From the System panel, head to the Localisation tab.



  • Edit localisation

Make changes to the current localisation

Scroll through the section and find the application you would like to amend the language for. If you can't find the application it will be stored in the Core Apps selection at the top.

  • Your changes

Details of changes made (if any) act as a record of changes over time.

Click any of the applications to view the elements you have changed. If you click any application before making any changes the area will appear empty.

  • Original

All localisations as they were, useful for comparisons with 'Your changes' and to use as a reset point if required.

Locate and view the stored record of the original language/terminology in case you would like to revert things back.



How to make edits

1. Locate the application you would like to change the terminology for in the Edit localisation area

In this example, we'll change the name of 'Holiday' to 'Vacation'. This localisation key is stored in the Holidays application:


2. Use the search bar to look for all localisation keys where the word 'Holiday' is used:


Each row represents a word/phrase that appears in Holiday Planner.

Use the language columns to understand what each key is showing in the Intranet and identify which you would like to change.


3. In the language column you want to update the word/phrase for, double click to edit.

Type in the change you would like to see and hit Save.


4. The Status of the location key will indicate 'changed' and be highlighted yellow.

Repeat for any other change you wish to make and once done, press Save at the bottom of the page to apply.



To ensure changes are seen:

5.  Delete the localisation cache in Admin > System > Labs.

(Delete the localisation cache specifically or 'delete all caches' which also include it)

If the cache is not deleted the changes made will not pull through.


6. Confirm changes.

Visit the area that you made changes to and check the updated word/phrase has pulled through.


Last modified on 17 June 2024 by Veronica Kim

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