What's new in Claromentis Lewes (8.10)

Public News | 24 August 2020 by Gili Dailes release, 8.10


Discover what's new in Claromentis Lewes 8.10

Since our last software release earlier this year, things at Claromentis - and indeed in all areas of life - have been very different as a result of Covid-19.

Despite this, we’re so proud of what we’ve been able to achieve throughout lockdown. Not only have we adapted our products and services to help our customers thrive during these unusual times, we’ve also continued to build the next version of our software - all whilst working from home and collaborating digitally.

With that, let us introduce the latest version of Claromentis: Lewes v8.10. Our flagship feature this time is our brand new Polls & Surveys app, which allows you to capture valuable employee insights into areas such as engagement levels, new product lines, company culture, and more. Using our built-in reporting tools, you can turn this feedback into actionable results, giving you the data you need to enhance your business.

Polls & Surveys [New app]

Our new Polls & Surveys app is a fully-featured product that helps you gather and analyse important feedback from your staff. You can use Polls & Surveys to track employee engagement levels, get feedback on new initiatives, or to understand how your company culture is performing. 

We’ve added a range of configuration options to Polls & Surveys, including the ability to target polls or surveys to particular users, groups, or roles. You can also set a start and/or end date, enable anonymous feedback, allow multiple submissions, send a notification to staff who have permissions to answer, and choose to display results to staff immediately, after a poll or survey has finished, or not at all.

When the results are in, analyse the feedback from your surveys or polls using our built-in data engine. You can choose to see aggregated results in a pie or bar chart for at-a-glance analysis, or view individual results for more detailed insights. If anonymous mode was enabled, only the time and date of each response will be displayed.


We’ve added more localisation options to our e-forms and workflows software InfoCapture, so you are now able to change the phrasing of labels and select options in the localisation admin panel, as well as project names. 



We’ve improved our Events and Calendar integration, so that when you add an event, the relevant details are automatically pulled through into the calendar entry.


News (application & component) 

We’ve added a few layout improvements to our News application, including adding a light box feature, which allows you to view an article’s main image in full size when clicked.

We’ve focussed heavily on making News article images more responsive, giving you more options for resizing and cropping images that match the original aspect ratio.

We’ve also added more customisation options to our Pages 'News’ component, including the ability to display images in their original aspect ratio, in full-size, or hide the image altogether.

If you choose the ‘Slider’ layout to display your news articles, you now have the options to hide the text or hide the pictures altogether- designed to give you more control over the slider's appearance. You also have the option of adding a background colour or transparent background to images that don’t fill the entire space.



We’ve added a new feature to our SysAdmin panel, which allows you to easily edit in-system notifications and see a live preview of the changes you make.



We’ve made some usability improvements to our OrgChart app, making it easier to view your company’s management structure. New to 8.10 is a vertical view, which displays everything after the third level as a vertical diagram. This supports larger organisations who have multiple hierarchies by fitting more employees into the screen and making it easier to read.

We’ve also added dedicated zoom in and out buttons, made the drag feature more intuitive, and enhanced the styling - employee details are now highlighted in their own block against a grey background, providing a cleaner experience.


Pages: Mini Calendar component

We’ve updated our Pages ‘Mini Calendar’ component so that you can now navigate through the months directly on the page.



Our People ‘Advanced search’ functionality now uses the Elasticsearch framework, improving performance and returning search results faster.

We’ve also added a new configuration option, where a team member’s manager can be displayed on their profile. You can enable or disable this option in the People admin panel.


Policy Manager

In 8.10, we’ve improved the filter menus in Policy Manager, so that they now display an arrow to indicate which policy category has nested sub-categories. 

We've also changed the categories and sub-categories sorting, so that they are ordered by A-Z for easier navigation. 

We've introduced an additional setting to show / hide the filters menu on an individual policy - this can be configured from the Policy Manager admin panel.

We’ve improved the breadcrumb trail too, so that it shows from which category you navigated.



Search results have been given a boost, with users now pinned to the top of search suggestions.

Change logs


Policy Manager

Quiz, Polls & Surveys 



To upgrade to the latest version, please submit an Upgrade Request and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a suitable upgrade date. 

Please note: If you’ve already requested an upgrade before this announcement, please add a note to your existing request rather than submitting a new ticket.  




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