How to use our Discover support portal

Who is it for?

Discover accounts can be made for site administrators, each client has a limit of 5 user slots available. This limit is in place to ensure admins can have an oversight of the issues being reported by users and so we do not get inundated with reports of the same issues. If users come across an issue on the site, they should raise this with one of the site administrators who should then submit a support ticket. 

If you would like to add another user to be able to submit tickets, please submit a request here. 

What can I do on Discover?

The site contains lots of useful information including:

News: Important updates we want you to know, these can be found on the homepage

Knowledge base: This is where you will find answers to many of the queries you may have! Its always best to have a quick search here before submitting a support ticket. We have many how to guides and videos to help you complete tasks on the site. 

Elearning: We have an on-boarding elearning course available. We would recommend new site administrators take this course as the first step in their training. This can be found here.

You can also submit tickets for various different things, all of these forms are built using infocapture and serve a separate purpose. 

Support Tickets

Support tickets should be submitted if you have questions, issues or errors appearing on the site, or if you are having issues logging in. 

Please review our detailed article about filling out a support ticket

Upgrade Requests

If you would like your site to be on the latest version of Claromentis, you can submit an upgrade request here. Its worth checking you do not already have one open, these will be listed here

The team that manages upgrades will schedule the upgrade and work with you to complete it successfully. If you want to know whats included in the next version, we will usually post a news article about the latest version and publish a change log in knowledge base. 

Please review our detailed article about filling out an upgrade request.

Change Requests

Change requests are used to manage work that must be scheduled by a member of our team, these include:

- Custom projects for bits of work that you would like developed for your site that is bespoke  (new components/ changes to existing components or application/infocapture plugins)

- Technical support (Setting up SSO / Migrations/ SSL certificates)

- Configuration changes that can not be made form the front end of the site 

- Training requests (when you do not have an assitance budget containing pre-paid training hours in place)

Some of these changes are chargeable, others are not. To submit a change request please click here

Please review our detailed article about filling out a change request

License Request 

On your site you will have a set number of user licenses, if you fill up all of these slots and would like to purchase more, this can be done here. 

You can also request to transfer some user licenses to extranet licenses.

Please review our detailed article about license requests.


If you have a product suggestion you would like the product team to consider adding to the roadmap, you can suggest this here

All other discover users can see the idea (but your details are hidden to other users) this means users can 'Like' certain ideas. Our product team will review the ideas and get back to you on their progress. 


Archived tickets

After a ticket has been in 'confirmed' status for 5 days, it will become archived and won't appear in standard searches in ticket lists.

Use the advanced search function to 'include archived tickets' so that these entries are included.



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