Submitting Upgrade Requests

This article will go through what you will need to include in your upgrade request to get this processed in the quickest way. 

The upgrade request form is used to communicate all information regarding the upgrade to you directly and to also keep a log of what has or hasn't happened. Providing as much information here as possible is very helpful for anyone looking at this request. 

There are a few things that may delay the upgrade: 

  • Connection issues
  • Custom work
  • Migrations

Filling out the request

You will first need to confirm that you have read and and understood the upgrade information

Following this you will be required to fill out the below. 


You will be able to find the current version of your site by going to Admin>System. Here you should see the version number eg. 8.7.2

If you know there is a specific version you would like to be put onto for a certain reason, eg you have custom work or you would just like a bugfix upgrade to the latest bugfix release please specify this. If you are happy to go to the latest version please state this, in most cases we will put you on the latest released version of Claromentis unless otherwise specified. 

Site information

Please then also state whether you host the site yourselves or this is something we host for you, along with if you currently have a staging site and any custom work. If there is custom work you are aware of please provide information in the notes, however if you are not sure about existing custom work please leave this blank and this will be looked into by our project managers. 

Reason for upgrading and additional details

Please fill out these sections accordingly please include the following in the additional details. 

  • Custom work information
  • Server access detail requirements
  • Days or dates you would rather not have the upgrade on, we will try our best to accommodate this and upgrades are normally carried out on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays incase they result in any errors (Please note weekend upgrades are chargeable)

Additional notification recipients

You will then be able to add up to 3 email addresses you wish to be notified about changes in the ticket. 


Once you have submitted this one of our project managers will get back to you to start the discussion. If this is a fairly straight forward upgrade they will most likely come back to you with some suggested dates. 


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