Change Requests

This is quick guide on what you would need to use our change request form for and how best to fill these out. 


The change request form is for:

  • Custom work (new components/ changes to existing components or application/infocapture plugins)
  • Technical resources (Setting up SSO / Migrations/ SSL certificates )
  • Configuration changes that can not be made form the site itself

You will be able to access the change request form from the Discover homepage, the 'get help' tab in the menu bar and here

The form will ask you to input a brief summary of what it is you desire, followed by your sites url.

After this there is a box for the description of the work. Please be as detailed as possible in the description so when the request is looked over by the relevant team this can be quoted accurately for. If you are looking for a particular integration with your intranet, please let us know what the software you are wanting to integrate with is as well as how you would like this to intergrate, eg. daily push of the information out of your intranet or a pull in from other software. It would also be useful if you are aware of any API's that could be used.

For the 'products or outcome of the work' section, information that would be beneficial is what you would ultimately like displayed within the intranet (or externally) as well as how you would like this to look and be interacted with. A example user story would be valuable here so we can get an idea of how you would like this to work when it has been finished. 

Please also let us know if there are any constraints or issues which might have an impact on the work. Eg, there is a reason the information can not be stored in a particular place or there is a workflow that you need to follow. 

You will then be able to add up to 3 additional notification recipients should you wish. 


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Created on 2 April 2019 by Mhairi Hutton

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