User Licenses

Why can't I add any more users into my intranet?

When you run out of user licenses in the system, this will block you from creating any new users. This includes profile creation methods via active directory, manually in a CSV upload or adding a single user.


My Active directory is syncing but new users aren't being created.

If you are syncing from active directory and notice new users not being created this may be due to you running out of user licenses, so this is something to check first. 

Please note: Blocked users and the Claromentis support profile do not count towards your total number of user licenses. 


How many users do I have in the system?

You will be able to check how many current active users you have by going to Admin > System. At the bottom of the page you will see a Claromentis summary which will show a current total of users and a total of intranet users. If you are also using extranets this information will be given here as the licenses are configured separately from the primary area.


What is my current user license set to?

You can go to the Licence tab with in the system admin panel and check how many licenses you have in total on the right hand side. The total will be displayed under the 'Max_Users' label found there.

If you are implementing Extranets you can click the 'View all' button found here to expand a dropdown that also displays this total under the 'Max_extranet_users' label.


I need to add more user licenses.

If you are in need of new licenses please submit a license request here

Please specify if you would like intranet (primary area) or extranet licences added; or if you would like them moved from one area to another. 

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