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The article will guide you on setting up System Administrators. As a sysadmin, you will be able to set up other system & application administrators.

We will cover the following topics:

Please note: Sysadmins & Application admins are separate from People: Roles & groups.


The information below is outlined in the video.

Assigning sysadmins

A Sysadmin is responsible for managing certain configuration options available in the System panel as well as making other users application administrators.


1. To assign a sysadmin, navigate to Admin > System > Administrator.

Reminder: If the application is greyed out, it means you do not have access to the admin panel. Please reach out to your internal sysadmin to give you access.


2. From the panel, select System.


3. Add in the user you wish to make a Sysadmin and press Save.

Any users added to this area will be given Sysadmin rights. Sysadmins will then be able to come into this application and set up other administrators.



Application admins

An Application administrator will have access to the admin side of the applications and is responsible for the applications they have rights for.


1. To set up an Application admin, navigate to Admin > System > Administrator.


2. Select the relevant application listed.

You can also set an administrator up for multiple applications by using Assign a User as an Admin for multiple panels.


3. Add in the user you wish to make an Application admin.

For multiple applications, select the user and then check the applications you would like to assign administrative access.


4. Select Save to confirm. 

Reminder: Please be cautious when granting admin permissions as anyone who has access to the admin side of an application will be able to edit permissions within all areas of the application.



Admin permissions

You can easily check which users are Application admins and have access to specific applications.


1. Head to Application > Admin.

2. Hover your mouse over the application and select the key icon.

Please note: Users who are set up with admin access will not automatically see the Admin button in your Applications menu from the front-end.

To find out how to set up the Applications menu, please check out our guide on How to configure the applications menu.


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