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  1. Overview
  2. Extranet licences
  3. Creating a new extranet area
  4. Permissions 
  5. Setting the themes and design for each extranet


1 - Overview

Extranets are set up to give partners, stakeholders, suppliers, customers or other groups of users access to your intranet. Claromentis supports an unlimited levels of extranet areas. The main functionality of an extranet is to allow different groups of users to access the intranet without being able to see each other. Each extranet will be able to see their own extranet users and all the primary area users, but they will not be able to see users from another extranet. Your primary area will be able to see all users in all extranets. 

Access to the extranet control panel is required to set up an extranet, this will need to be done in the Sysadmin panel. 


2- Extranet Licences

Extranet licences are taken from your full quota of users, but are kept separate for licensing. To request additional licenses or to change a portion of your intranet licences to extranet licenses will require our support. Please take a look here.


3- Creating a new extranet area

Navigate to Admin > Extranets. As long as you have a some extranet user licenses available you will see the green button below to add a new area. If you do not see this button you will need to add some extranet licenses as mentioned above via this user license request form

You will be able to input the extranet area name, if this extranet is *read only,  the description and also select a logo for that extranet. Once you have submitted this you will get a pop up to tell you that the extranet has been created. 

*A read only extranet means that all users are not permitted to add documents, create content pages or add forum posts.

On this screen you will then be presented with a list of all users. You are able to select which users should go into this extranet either by selecting them or searching by their name and submitting. 

You can also assign or check a users area in their profile here: 

Once you have submitted your extranet you will be taken back to the main page where you will be able to edit or delete other extranets by clicking on the pencil icon. When deleting you will be asked if you would like to move these users to another area. 

4- Permissions

Setting permissions within an extranet is the same as setting permissions across the system. You will be able to select the extranet in the same way as a role or group from any permissions picker across the system and select what permissions are given per applications. Extranet users will be included in the all registered permissions group. 

5 - Setting the themes and design for each extranet

You may want the site to have a different look and feel for partners. This can be achieved by visiting the design panel, creating a custom theme and forcing it for the extranet group. More information about the design panel can be found here

Setting these themes means the extranet area could have a different looking home page and menu. However, the permissions are the same across all designs.


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