Submitting support tickets

This article will outline how to submit a support ticket and information that would help expedite the issue. 


Please submit a support ticket if you have any errors, issues and functionality questions. 

Should you have request for custom changes, upgrades or adding or removing licenses these have their own separate request forms. Please see the 'get help' tab in the menu bar. 

The reason these are separate is to help get your query or issue resolved as quickly as possible. Having one long ticket can often lead to lots of smaller conversations and things that are important points can often get lost in a thread. Having a focused ticket can help our developers or anyone looking at the issue work out exactly what has been looked into and what still needs to be done. 


Submitting your ticket

When submitting a support ticket you will be asked the following to help clarify the issue and speed up the trouble shooting time - 


- Incident - An error is being displayed or the site is not functioning.

- Question or assistance request - If you are unsure of how to perform a function within the intranet or you need assistance with the way in which an application works.


This is to let us know how urgent the problem is to you. If it is stoping your complete use of the intranet or if it is a low priority question. 

Impacted users

This is anyone the issue is effecting. If this is a holiday planner issue for one group or if this is not allow all users to login. 

Issue Type

If the issue is a server issue that brining down the site or causing login errors or if the issue is related to one application in particular.

  • If your issue is an application issue you will be asked to specify further what application and what task this relates to.
  • If your issue is related to existing custom work you have previously had done you will need to let us know what this work is, this way it can be sent to the custom developer who created it to be amended or fixed. 

Summary, URL and Details

This is where you can outline anything that you believe will help us replicate the issue you are seeing. If this is an error our team will need to be able to replicate this so that our developers can look into a fix. If we are unable to replicate this issue it is less likely our developers can fix it quickly, so as much information as possible is useful here. Images such a system screenshots are also really useful here for us to know exactly what area of the system you are looking at. 

Additional Notification Recipients

You are able to add up to 3 extra email addresses in to receive ticket updates. This may be useful if you are going to be away and a colleague can monitor it or if you would like multiple people to keep track of the ticket. 


If your support ticket results in a bug being fixed which you will need upgrading for you will need to submit an upgrade request following this. 


Created on 4 September 2019 by Mhairi Hutton. Last modified on 23 October 2019

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