Why is SCORM not tracking completion?

This is a troubleshooting article to help you find the cause of the following issues

  1. No courses are tracking completion for any users

  2. All courses are tracking completion but only for some users


1. No courses are tracking completion for any users


Possible issue 1: Course configuration

Claromentis can display SCORM zip files and track completion only if this has been correctly confiigured in the SCORM package by the provider. If no courses are tracking any completions it indicates these settings have not been correctly configured during the course build.

Here is an article which explains more about this and how to configure the settings:

Articulate Storyline

Adobe Captivate 


2. All courses are tracking completion but only for some users

This indicates the SCORM package is correctly set up to track completion but only if certain criteria are met. Here are some of the common reasons the course has not tracked someones completion when they appear to have completed the course:


Possible issue 1: They did not reach the true end of the course

When configuring a SCORM file the developer of the course will need to set a 'Trigger' at a certain point of the course which tells the module when this point is reached, mark the course as complete. This could be reaching a certain slide or scoring above a certain amount on the quiz. If it is the former, sometimes the course developer will put the trigger on the final slide of the module - after the results slide, meaning it is not obvious or intuitive for the user to keep proceeding to the true end of the module.

If this is the case, you can either have the course developer re-export the module with the completion trigger brought earlier in the module or ask the user to reach the complete end of the module. 

Here is some more guidance on this from Articulate Storyline.


Possible issue 2: The user navigated away from the course

If configured correctly in the SCORM package courses can remember a users place in the course. If the user decides to exit the course by closing the launched window - when they next launch the module, it will have remembered their place.

If the user opens the course and rather than exiting it, navigates away from the launch page and does other things on the intranet, then finds the course again amoungst their open windows, the course will stop tracking progress from that point onwards. So although the user is allowed to proceed - the course will no longer be tying their progress back to the launch page as the connection was broken between the two. 


Tips for users: 

1- Reach the very end of the module until you can go no further

2- When the course is launched, work from the open window, do not open as a new tab or navigate away from the launch page. 

3- When you want to take a break from the course, exit the pop up window fully. 


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Created on 21 January 2020 by Millie Hand

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