How to Publish SCORM Content in Adobe Captivate

This guide shows you how to choose the right settings for publishing SCORM content in Captivate so you can import it to your Claromentis. You will have to publish content as SCORM version 1.2.

Question Slides

We recommend you to have question slides allowing user to pass or fail a SCORM package.

SCORM Preferences

In Adobe Captivate navigate to File > Publish Settings

Click on the Quiz and you'll see checkbox for "Quiz : Enable reporting for this project" You'll need to tick this option to use this SCORM with Claromentis

These are example settings you need to have

Important Step!

Claromentis needs to know if users have passed or fail the test and perform automatic module completion, in order to do this please follow this step :

Quiz >  Pass or Fail 

If Passing Grade select "Execute Javascript"

Open The Script Window and enter


This is to ensure the window refreshes upon completion so that information is sent to Claromentis.

How to publish SCORM content

To Publish your SCORM, from “File” go to “Publish”.

Here are our recommended settings:

Output Format:
We recommend HTML5 as SWF is not compatible to be played on some tablets including iPad.

Output Option:
Zip Files

Force re-publish all the slides
Enable this option to make sure that all slides are updated in the zip file.

click Publish


Uploading SCORM in Claromentis

In Claromentis navigate to

Applications > Learning > E-Learning Courses > Add New Module

When adding new module, please sure you select SCORM 1.2 Package (zip) and upload the zip file.

Last modified on 4 May 2018 by Jon Mulhern
Created on 3 May 2018 by Michael Christian

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