How to receive notifications as a digest


The digest feature is a useful tool that will combine all notifications triggered for an application into one list and send one notification about this, rather than sending each individually.

It gives users more control over the frequency of email notifications and is an easy way to obtain an uncluttered inbox.

Users can decide whether to receive digest email notifications instantly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Please click here for more information on how to set up the digest feature in notification preferences.

Getting started with digest notifications


Daily digest

Notifications and reminders for new items or tasks in one consolidated daily email. Daily digests are great if you do not want to receive numerous emails instantly, but still want to receive a daily recap from the previous day.

Weekly digest

Depending on your level of involvement, you may wish to use this digest option to stay informed on a weekly basis for more non-frequent items. The weekly digest is scheduled to be sent every Monday.

Monthly digest

You can use the monthly summary option for an overall roundup of the month’s work and accomplishments. The monthly digest will be automatically sent out every first day of the month.

Please note: By default, all email delivery is set to 7:00 AM. 


How to send notifications for digest emails

Now that notification preferences have been configured, you can receive/send notifications for any updates.

Reminder: All users can set their own notification preferences, and admins can also modify notification preferences on behalf of users as well. Please click here for more information.


Not all applications will create a notification by default. For News and Documents, you will have to define that a notification should be sent alerting users to new items. If not, the content will not be included in the digest email notification.

Please note: If you are using the 'digest' type for an application, emails will only be sent if there is content to report from the application it was set for.



When creating a news article, the 'send a notification to all users with view rights' will have to be ticked to notify users:



Documents application follows a similar functionality where a document by default won't send a notification, only when you choose to send one.

Ticking the above option and proceeding with the document upload will take you to a screen where you can define 'All Registered' or specific users will receive the notification. You will also be able to add a message for users to see in the email.

You can also notify users of existing documents by selecting the 'send notification' option from the more options button:

Please note: Authors/content owners (or user who has triggered the notification) will not receive a notification themselves.


Example digest emails


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