How to Create an Event

As long as you have been given the correct permissions when configuring the admin side of events, you will see an option to create a new event at the top right upon accessing the events application:



You will be taken to the even creation page allowing you to fill out a series of fields:

Title - The name of the event

Category - The category in which you wish to place this event

Tags - Relevent tags to the event to help with searching

Organiser - Who has organised the event. This will default to the creator of the event but you can change this if you are creating it on someone elses behalf.

Image - A thumbnail image to represent the event

Date & Time - Specify the date and time of the event. There are also two checkboxes here that enable you to state whether the session is for the whole day or to create this as a repeatable event enabling the event to run every day, week, month or year up until a specified amount of time.


Timezone - Specifying whic time zone the date and time are representing


The next section allows you to write a description of the event and sepecify it's location (which uses a Google maps API key if it has been set up in the system admin pannel).



However before these fields there is a checkbox asking if this is an online event. If this is ticked the location field is removed and a new field 'Joining Details' appears:  



Training Event - If you are using the LMS this will allow you to create the event as a training event meaning it can be connected to a learning path and it will create a training record upon attending the event (for more information on this look at our LMS Knowledge Base articles).

Approval - States if approval is required for the event. Approval can be given by your manager/supervisor or by anyone who has the 'manage booking' permission which we will see below.

Attachments - Add documentation to the event (training agenda or a questionnaire for example)

Participants - Allows you to state how many people can attend the event. This is set to unlimited but you can change this to limited which will allow you to specify the number of attendants, whether friends and family can be invited and a waiting list for people to join if the total capacity has been reached. You can also specify if the event will be private meaning that the 'who's going' list won't appear.


With these fields filled out you will then be able to apply the permissions of this specific event (this includes all events if you make this a repeatable event).

There are quite a few permissions that can be given to users when it comes to events as there is a lot you can let people do.


The majority of permissions are fairly standard allowing you to view the event and to join as well as giving people the ability to make changes and even delete the event as needed. But there is one permission fairly unique to the events permissions which is 'Can manage bookings'.

Can manage booking enables you to have approval rights for attendees if specifed above and will also allow you to add people to the event. You can view the full list of attendees as well as confirm their attendance to the event if needed.



With all the information added to the event and permissions set you can now create the event by moving it to the 'Live' status and select submit.


Be sure to also specify email notifications to users as well as pin the even to the top of the events pages as needed. 



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